SAF together with International Media Group organized a party in Stockholm

The Azerbaijani Swedish Association (SAF) together with the International Media Group organized a party in Stockholm on Dec. 30, 2018. This party was organized in conjunction with the anniversary of Azerbaijanis  day of solidarity as well as the new year which will begin soon. Musicians and singers who were invited to Sweden from Azerbaijan consisted of: Ilgar Muradov, Ruhangiz Allahverdiyev, Selim Abbasov, Elchin Shefizade and Anar Ababsov.

This party began with a speech by Eluca Atali, a well-known author in Azerbaijan. She emphasized the historical significance of Azerbaijan’s solidarity day. After her, the party began and continued until 2:00. One of the highlights of this party that surprised the guests was the Swedish singer Kate Christina Roxenhall. She sang an Azerbaijani popular song called Sari Galin. This song caught the audience’s interest. Swedish Azerbaijani Association’s children’s group performed on stage with some exciting dances. They had trained hard to be the best on stage. Their hard work paid off because they impressed the audience.