Statutes for Cultural  association  SAF (Swedish-Azerbaijani  association)

Statutes for Cultural  association  SAF (Swedish-Azerbaijani  association)

1 Name and seat

The association’s name is SAF. The association has its seat in Stockholm.

2 Form & End

The union is independent, party-political and religious unrelated.

The association will work to widen cultural diversity, promote a live music and cultural life in Stockholm, courses for learning different languages, painting, dancing, sports for both adults and children.


3 Membership


The association is open to all provided that the statutes are accepted and membership fees are paid. All members have the right of attendance and right of expression at all meetings of the association, members have the right to vote at member meetings and annual meetings. The membership fee of the association is determined by its highest decision-making body at the annual meeting. A member may be excluded from the association if the association’s members are opposed or that the member acts in breach of the association’s statutes. The Board decides exclusion and the decision shall be taken by a qualified majority.

4 annual meeting

The annual meeting is the supreme decision-making body of the association. Annual meeting shall be held during the first four months of the year and notice shall be given to the members of the association no later than two weeks before the meeting. Members are entitled to submit proposals for matters to be dealt with at the meeting, however, this shall be done no later than 10 days before the meeting’s performance. The agenda and other submissions shall be kept.


Association members not later than 7 days before the annual meeting

  1. Election of meeting chairman and meeting secretary
  2. Selection of adjustment persons, including voting calculator
  3. Determination of agenda
  4. Determination of voting length
  5. Competent announcement of the annual meeting
  6. Business Report with Financial Reporting
  7. Audit Report and Statement of Balance Sheet
  8. Question on discharge for the outgoing board
  9. Treatment of received motions and board proposals
  10. Election of Chairman
  11. Choice of treasurer
  12. Election of other members
  13. Election of alternate members
  14. Election of auditors
  15. Election of election committee
  16. The meeting is closed

Decisions at the annual meeting are taken by simple majority

5 Extra annual meeting

If the audits, the board or 1/3 of the members of the association is required for an extra annual meeting shall be held. Notice must be sent to members at least 2 weeks in advance together with agenda and decision making. During the extraordinary annual meeting, only the questions that raised the meeting may be discussed.


6 modes of decision

For the association’s meetings, only members and members present have the right to vote.

Decisions are made with yes or no-call. When applying for voting, hand raises are used. If decisions can not be reached by equal votes, the matter will be discussed until the majority can be reached.

7 Company Signatories

The chairman is the association’s company signatory

8 business year

The business year of the association is calendar year, January 1 through December 31.

9 City change

Amendments to these statutes require decisions by qualified majority at two consecutive annual meetings, one of which shall be an ordinary annual meeting. Between these meetings, at least 2 moves must be decided upon.

10 Resolution

Resolution of the association requires a qualified majority decision at two consecutive annual meetings, one of which is to be an ordinary annual meeting. Between these meetings, at least 2 months must be moved.

The remaining assets of the association are allocated by decision at the last annual meeting.

The remaining assets of the association shall be transferred upon dissolution to activities that share the objectives of the association.

The remaining assets of the association shall be transferred to the SAF association upon dissolution.